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Belgian Darts (Piks): There are 4 darts in a set. The wooden shaft can be made of Birch. The darts are 6" long from the steel tip to the point of the flight feathers, and are approx. 3/8" in dia. at its widest part, and weight approx. 6 grams. The flight feathers are real turkey feathers to insure a more accurate flight of the dart. The feathers can be the solid color ones or the more traditional natural-barred turkey feathers, which can also be dyed different colors.

Feather Colors: Solid feathers: Red; White; Blue; Black; Green; Pink; Orange; Purple; Brown; Gray.

Natural-barred feathers can be left in their natural color or dyed the following colors: Fire Red; Royal Blue; Sunshine Yellow; Emerald Green; or Violet Purple.

Please specify what colors you would like on your piks when you order. They can all be the same or three different colors. (eg, Red, White, & Blue (USA); Red, Yellow, & Black (Belgium). Or the colors of your college or nationality

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$ 19.00/set


Colors of Feathers
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